Lesson Plans

The American Nation: A History of the United States

by John A. Garraty and Mark C. Carnes
©2000 by Longman, An Imprint of Addison Wesley Longman

The purpose of the following Focus Lessons for The American Nation is to assist you in planning your daily lessons by highlighting important ideas and concepts in each chapter as well as the relevant sections in the program's ancillaries. The Focus Lessons, written by an experienced curriculum developer, suggest strategies for assessing how well your students understand the important points in each chapter and also provide test-taking tips that will help your students prepare for and take the AP* United States History test successfully.

Chapter Focus Lessons

AP* Test-Taking Techniques

Focus Lesson 1: Chapter 1: "Europe Discovers America"
Chapter 2: "American Society in the Making"
Focus Lesson 2: Chapter 3: "America in the British Empire"
Chapter 4: "The American Revolution"
Focus Lesson 3: Chapter 5: "The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphant"
Focus Lesson 4: Chapter 6: "Jeffersonian Democracy"
Focus Lesson 5: Chapter 7: "National Growing Pains"
Chapter 8: "Toward a National Economy"
Focus Lesson 6: Chapter 9: "Jacksonian Democracy"
Focus Lesson 7: Chapter 10: "The Making of Middle-Class America"
Chapter 11: "A Democratic Culture"
Focus Lesson 8: Chapter 12: "Expansion and Slavery"
Focus Lesson 9: Chapter 13: "The Sections Go Their Ways"
Focus Lesson 10: Chapter 14: "The Coming of the Civil War"
Focus Lesson 11: Chapter 15: "The War to Save the Union"
Focus Lesson 12: Chapter 16: "Reconstruction and the South"
Focus Lesson 13: Chapter 17: "In the Wake of War"
Focus Lesson 14: Chapter 18: "An Industrial Giant"
Focus Lesson 15: Chapter 19: "American Society in the Industrial Age"
Chapter 20: "Intellectual and Cultural Trends"
Focus Lesson 16: Chapter 21: "Politics: Local, State, and National"
Focus Lesson 17: Chapter 22: "The Age of Reform"
Focus Lesson 18: Chapter 23: "From Isolation to Empire"
Focus Lesson 19: Chapter 24: "Woodrow Wilson and the Great War"
Focus Lesson 20: Chapter 25: "Postwar Society and Culture: Change and Adjustment"
Chapter 26: "The New Era: 1921 to 1933"
Focus Lesson 21: Chapter 27: "The New Deal, 1933–1941"
Focus Lesson 22: Chapter 28: "War and Peace"
Focus Lesson 23: Chapter 29: "The American Century"
Focus Lesson 24: Chapter 30: "From Camelot to Watergate"
Chapter 31: "Society in Flux"
Focus Lesson 25: Chapter 32: "Running on Empty: The Nation Transformed"
Chapter 33: "Crimes and Misdemeanors"