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As the largest provider of Advanced Placement programs and materials in the U.S., Pearson is pleased to continue to support the AP Summer Institute program run by the College Board. In 2015 and beyond, we will be providing access to books and materials in a digital format, online, via the Pearson Digital Library.

The advantage of using this comprehensive library is that attendees will have access to ALL of our key programs for their discipline and can also look at programs outside their discipline. Teachers will not have to lug books around, there is a savings to the environment, and there is a savings to the publisher as well.

Workshop Leaders and attendees will have access to the 2015 library for the 2015–2016 school year.

Easy access instructions will be provided to Workshop Leaders/Directors who are encouraged to share with participants in advance of your summer workshop.

To begin your request, please select your workshop subject from the left navigation list. For questions, or inquires please contact

Spanish Literature and Culture is not available electronically and will be delivered as physical texts and must be ordered at least 3 weeks prior to the workshop.

Any AP teacher wanting a physical sample of a title can request and receive one through their sales rep once they get back to school or they can visit

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