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NEW! Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic

5th Edition, AP® Edition ©2016
Finney, Demana, Waits, Kennedy

The nationally recognized author team is back with the 5th edition of Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic written specifically for high school students and aligned to the AP Calculus Curriculum Framework. In this edition, renowned author David Bressoud joins the author team bringing his expertise in calculus and knowledge of the AP Calculus exam.

  • Adheres to the latest guidelines for the AP Calculus exam.
  • Nationally recognized author team with expertise on the AP Calculus exam.
  • Detailed guidance in every chapter on the appropriate use of graphing calculators, versus when students should solve problems without them.
  • Revised chapter openers to motivate students and show how important calculus models are in real-world behavior.

MathXL® for School, the online homework and assessment supplement, and MyMathLab® for School, the fully digital course complete with eText, online assignments, multimedia, and more.


AP® Edition ©2014
Briggs, Cochran, Gillett

Renowned authors William Briggs and Lyle Cochran have built from the ground up a AP calculus program that draws on their decades of teaching experience and carries the teacher's voice beyond the classroom. That voice is evident in the lively narrative, the intuitive figures, and the integrated questions that check for comprehension. The result is a master AP teacher leading AP students to deeper levels of understanding. The authors appeal to readers' geometric intuition to introduce fundamental concepts and lay the foundation for success on the AB and BC Calculus Exams.

  • AP® Aligned: AP-specific chapter content clearly correlates to the AP Curriculum Framework and prepares students for the AB or BC Exam.
  • Geometric Intuition: The authors appeal to students' intuition and geometric instincts to make calculus natural and believable. They introduce new ideas through concrete examples, figures, applications, or analogies.
  • Groundbreaking Technology & Interactive Figures: Interactive figures within the eBook enable teachers and students to manipulate figures and bring hard-to-convey concepts to life.
  • A Balanced Approach: The authors purposely teach from examples that provide in-depth explanations and build students' conceptual understanding and computational fluency.

MyMathLab for School is a series of online courses that align to Pearson's textbooks in mathematics and statistics. This powerful online program offers students personalized instruction and practice and gives teachers all the tools they need to deliver all or a portion of their course online. MyMathLab is available anywhere there is Internet access.

  • An Interactive eText includes embedded links to videos and exercises as well as tools for highlighting and note-taking
  • Online and auto-graded homework, assessments, and personalized study plans
  • A comprehensive multimedia library with instructional videos, animations, and PowerPoint slides
  • Rich and flexible course management resources to support teachers
  • Interactive learning aids that support diverse learners and provide immediate feedback

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When submitting your request for AP Calculus, Pearson will provide 1 textbook per attendee of Finney, Calculus 5e along with a few samples of our Briggs, Calculus 1e to support your workshop.

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