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4th Edition, AP® Edition ©2015
Ciccarelli, White

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Psychology, AP® Edition will prove to be the most useful tool possible to introduce students to the study of psychology and to prepare them for success on the AP Psychology Exam.

  • Written in a style that draws students into an ongoing dialogue and introduces them to psychology—its history, its breadth, its mysteries, and its applications.
  • AP Icons Integrated into each chapter, these icons call out where we address each AP Psychology learning objective.
  • Built-In Preparation and Practice for the AP Psychology Exam—AP students will benefit from plenty of practice with questions formatted and styled like those on the AP Exam: multiple-choice questions with five-answer choices and free-response questions.
  • Test Yourself: Preparing for the AP Exam—A sample test is found at the end of every chapter. The chapter test contains multiple-choice questions and a free-response question, both styled after AP Exam format.

Exceptional Media Resource

MyPsychLab with Pearson eText is a learning and assessment tool that enables teachers to assess student performance and adapt course content—without investing additional time or resources. Teachers decide the extent of integration—from independent self-assessment for students to total course management.

MyPsychLab offers numerous study aids, plagiarism tutorials, an APA documentation guide, video clips, Podcasts, and test prep practice. Students also benefit from an easy-to-use site with Pearson eText and complete audio book.

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