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Stats: Modeling the World

4th Edition, AP® Edition ©2015
Bock, Velleman, De Veaux
  • The most cited text in The College Board's AP statistics sample syllabi.
  • Award-winning author team.
  • Applauded for its readability—your students will read this book!
  • Leads with practical data analysis and graphics, encouraging students to "do statistics" and "think statistically" from the start.
  • New! Embedded AP practice exam items at the end of each part New! Added simulation feature to the end of each chapter
  • New! Updated data sets and applications to further motivate and engage students
  • TI-nSpire content integrated throughout the text, including margin pointers that describe the new calculator activities.
  • Fully updated AP teacher and student supplements including AP Statistics Test Prep Workbook, Teacher's Edition, Teacher Solutions Manual, Printed Test Bank and Teacher Resource Manual, TestGen, and Graphing Calculator Manual
  • Companion Web site:

AP Audit Listed

Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data

3rd Edition ©2013
Agresti, Franklin
  • Features like In Words, Caution, and Did You Know, motivate students to think about the content, ask interesting questions, and develop problem solving skills.
  • Each example includes a concept label to identify the topic, which helps students when reviewing material and helps teachers when preparing for class.
  • Learning objectives listed in the Instructor's Edition add to the wealth of teacher-to-teacher advice from the authors.
  • Chapter 7 – Sampling Distribution – has been rewritten extensively to focus on emphasizing simulation to develop the concepts of sampling distribution rather than the more traditional math approach.
  • Teaches students to ask and answer interesting questions by way of examples, exercises, simulations, and hands-on activities.
  • Connects statistics to the real world.
  • More than 100 exercises per chapter.

Stats in Your World

2nd Edition ©2016
Bock, Mariano

For Algebra-Based Introductory Statistics Courses

Trusted author Dave Bock and instructional leader Tom Mariano are back with the second edition of their popular text for algebra-based introductory statistics courses. This program presents statistics as a key tool for thinking about the world and engages students with real-world examples.

Hundreds of examples and exercises highlight the wide applicability of statistics, teach the methods and procedures of proper data analysis, and—most importantly—emphasize thinking about what the results mean.


  • Designed to help students leave high school equipped with the ability to make sense of statistics and see its relevance to everyday life
  • Leads with practical data analysis and graphics, encouraging students to "do statistics" and "think statistically" from the start
  • Uses real-world examples wherever possible to engage students
  • Includes the most common mistakes in statistical thinking to help students avoid errors


When submitting your request for AP Statistics, Pearson will provide 1 textbook of Bock, Stats 4e per attendee along with samples of our Agresti, Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data 3e and Stats in Your World 2e for you to use and support your workshop.

MyMathLab for School is a series of online courses that align to Pearson's textbooks in mathematics and statistics. This powerful online program offers students personalized instruction and practice and gives teachers all the tools they need to deliver all or a portion of their course online. MyMathLab is available anywhere there is Internet access.

  • An Interactive eText includes embedded links to videos and exercises as well as tools for highlighting and note-taking
  • Online and auto-graded homework, assessments, and personalized study plans
  • A comprehensive multimedia library with instructional videos, animations, and PowerPoint slides
  • Rich and flexible course management resources to support teachers
  • Interactive learning aids that support diverse learners and provide immediate feedback

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