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United States History

By the People: A History of the United States

1st Edition, AP® Edition © 2014

Inspiring student success—the new #1 choice for AP U.S. history

By the People addresses one of the biggest challenges of any AP United States history course: tying together the key themes and Big Ideas. This new program helps students make the connections critical for developing a higher-level understanding of the American story, all through a compelling, single-author narrative, focused pedagogy, and AP-focused test preparation.

Built for success By the People fully supports the College Board's Curriculum Framework through its organization, focus on key concepts, and emphasis on key critical analysis skills.

Supplements that support From the Reading and Note-Taking Study Guide to the Test Prep Workbook for AP® U.S. History, By the People provides students of all ability levels with support for reading, understanding, and active learning as well as writing skills and preparation for the AP Exam.

Exceptional Media Resource

MyHistoryLab™ with Pearson eText is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive Web resource that is organized according to the contents of our textbook and brings history to life through preloaded sample tests and receive personalized study plans.

MyHistoryLab™ offers numerous study aids, chapter review material, several hundred primary sources, video clips, maps, map activities with quizzes, and test prep practice for the AP Exam. All student work can be tracked in the teacher's online gradebook. For additional information visit,

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Pearson will supply 1 textbook per attendee to support your workshop needs.

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