• June 2016 •

Create a Pamphlet About Summer Safety Issues

June is National Safety Month. The National Safety Council established National Safety Month to increase public awareness of safety and health risks and ultimately decrease the number of accidental injuries and deaths. Each week focuses on a specific safety venue: workplace, traffic, home, and community.

Using the National Safety Council's Web site and/or a search engine, research the types of accidents that occur most commonly during the summer for students your age. Then, create an informational pamphlet showing how to prevent some of these occurrences. Include, but do not limit yourself to, the following information in your safety pamphlet:

  • Statistics of accidents in various venues
  • Accident prevention methods
  • In case of emergency information
  • Common accidents/injuries for your peers
  • Safety information and tips

You should also include a graph and other visuals that will help outline your point. Once you have created your pamphlet, share it with your classmates and peers to help keep them safe over the summer.