• September 2016 •

Create a Pamphlet to Advertise a Sporting Event

This September is an important month for competitive sports around the world. In America, the National Football League once again kicks off its regular season. The US Open, featuring many of the world's top tennis stars, takes place over a two-week period beginning in August and ending in September.

Use the Web sites above and/or a search engine to research some of these events. Then, choose one and create an informational pamphlet to advertise it. You may instead create an imaginary sporting event of your own creation for something like table tennis, golf, volleyball, lacrosse, or any other sport you like. Consider, but do not limit yourself to, the following questions:

  • What sport will be played? Is this sport coed?
  • Where is the event being held?
  • At what time and date is the event?
  • How many people are expected to attend?
  • Who are some famous players that might be exciting to watch?
  • What kinds of foods might be available?

The Pamphlet should be informative, but you should use different fonts, colors, and pictures to make it visually appealing as well. Once you have finished, share your pamphlet with your classmates and decide which event you would like to attend.

Note: It is illegal to use copyrighted art or photography from the Internet without permission. To avoid this issue, use original pictures or clip art.