• October 2016 •

Create a Timeline

For over a century, Major League Baseball's World Series has captivated America. As the season comes to an end for America's favorite past time, teams from both the American League and National League meet in a best of seven games contest for the championship. This "Fall Classic," as it is often called, takes place each October.

Using the Internet as a reference tool, create a detailed research timeline of the history of Major League Baseball from its creation to today, focusing on the World Series. A timeline spans over a certain time period. To create a timeline you must draw a straight line horizontally across a piece of paper. Your timeline should include some illustrations of various significant events. Include at least four of the following topics on your timeline:

  • The creation of baseball—including who created it and where
  • The rules of the World Series and when they were established
  • The Negro Leagues and the integration of Major League Baseball
  • Some of the greatest or most exciting games in the World Series
  • The teams who have been to the World Series the most
  • The most viewed World Series in history

Use the Baseball Almanac to help you access this information.

When you finish creating your timeline, hang it up on a bulletin board at your school or in the library to share with other students.