• April 2016 •

Organize a Poetry Reading

April marks National Poetry Month, a month-long celebration of poetry. National Poetry Month was established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets to increase people's attention to the art of poetry, to poets, and to poetic heritage. During this month, schools, libraries, and bookstores across the nation work together to bring poetry into the spotlight.

Use the Internet or your school library to familiarize yourself with works written by famous poets. Visit Web sites such as the Internet Poetry Archive, Bartleby, and Infoplease®. Notice the poets' differing styles as well as the poetic elements of each poem.

Work with a partner to write your own poem for a classroom poetry reading. Each partner should write a list of 5–10 words. Then, exchange the word lists with your partner and create a poem using your partner's words. Once you have each completed your work, practice reading your poems aloud to one another. Exchange suggestions with your partner, and revise your poem as necessary. After completing any necessary revisions, present your poems to the class.