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• March 2015 •

Create a Gallery for Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, which celebrates the contributions of women in American history. These contributions have been many and diverse; and their impacts have been felt in many fields, from politics to civil rights to arts and entertainment. Explore some of the notable achievements of women at the National Portrait Gallery's Web site.

Next, create your own gallery of women whose achievements you find admirable. You can create it as an electronic/online gallery or as a bulletin board display. Each entry should include

  • a photo or illustration of each woman.
  • a description of each woman's notable achievements and the obstacles she overcame.
  • an explanation of why you find each woman admirable.

Try to present a varied group of women from diverse fields of accomplishment. Feel free to include your own personal heroes from among friends and relatives who have had an important impact on your family history. When you are finished creating your gallery, invite responses from your classmates.