• July/August 2016 •

Create a Pro-Con Chart on "Year-Round" School

July marks the beginning of the summer and the time when most schools around the country are closed until September. However, some schools run on a year-round schedule, with shorter vacations sprinkled throughout the calendar year. Why do most American school calendars run from September to June? What is your school's schedule?

Use the Internet to learn more about American school vacation schedules. Then, create a pro-con chart on "Year-Round" School.

Read about the history of American school summer vacations. Then, gather further information on the advantages and disadvantages of going to school year-round. Use either a search engine or Wikipedia to help you get started.

After you have gathered all your information, create a pro-con chart outlining the advantages and disadvantages of going to school year-round. If you choose to add your personal opinions to the chart, be sure to provide supporting evidence.

Once you have completed your chart, share it with your family and friends. Ask them to share their opinions about school year-round. You may also choose to post your chart on your school's bulletin board or Web site.