Grade Six / Copper
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16.2 Adverbs

Distinguishing Between Adjectives and Adverbs

Use the pull-down menus to indicate whether the words in bold type in the sentences below are adjectives or adverbs.

Part of Speech
EXAMPLE: Turn left at the first intersection. adverb
1. I have never seen a faster horse than that one.
2. The nurse should have acted faster.
3. Joe turned sharply onto the last street before the bridge.
4. The horse ran last in the race.
5. With her friends away, Marcia felt lonely.
6. Wendy may have taken a later train.
7. The infant stayed silent while her mother sang a lullaby.
8. Do you think the watermelon is cold yet?
9. Harvey watched the parade go past.
10. The plane departed later than scheduled.