Grade Six / Copper
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17 Prepositions

Identifying Prepositions

Use the pull-down menus to identify the prepositions, in order, in the following sentences. Some of the prepositions are made up of more than one word.

Preposition 1 Preposition 2
EXAMPLE: Gerry left without a word to anyone. without to
1. The new family has moved into the house next to ours.
2. The club isn't fun without Sharon at the meetings.
3. Among us three, we had just enough money for a pizza.
4. Because of the incident, the men don't speak to each other.
5. We watched the fireworks from a spot across the river.
6. Draw a line through unnecessary words in the sentence.
7. The rake has been leaning against the garage since yesterday.
8. A letter for Mike is on the hall table.
9. You will be safe from the mosquitoes until dusk.
10. No one except Judy's mother baked brownies for the sale.