Grade Six / Copper
Online Exercise Bank

18.1 Conjunctions

Recognizing Coordinating Conjunctions

Use the pull-down menus to identify the coordinating conjunction in each sentence below.

EXAMPLE: Throughout the stormy night and into the morning, rescuers searched the cove. and
1. Should I use green or blue for the lettering?
2. The pianist performed with great accuracy but without much feeling.
3. Carol and Luke are finalists in the spelling bee.
4. We arrived early, so we could get good seats for the concert.
5. Jason or Madeline should be able to give you directions.
6. The crowd was somewhat noisy yet otherwise well-behaved.
7. The puppy would not sit nor stay before it went to obedience school.
8. We took the subway to the ballpark, for we knew traffic would be heavy.
9. The children worked busily but quietly on their projects.
10. A combination of luck and skill is needed to win that game.