Grade Six / Copper
Online Exercise Bank

21.4 Avoiding Sentence Problems

Recognizing Run-ons

Use the pull-down menus to identify each word group below as a sentence or a run-on.

Sentence or Run-on
EXAMPLE: The Wright Brothers made the first successful powered flight, it lasted 12 seconds. run-on
1. The governor was a fine speaker she gave a rousing keynote address.
2. Students objected to the plan, and the teachers didn't like it either.
3. The soldiers were tired, they had marched all day.
4. Charles locked the windows and doors, then he turned out the lights.
5. The new vaccine seems promising, but it has not yet been fully tested.
6. The job paid less than John had hoped, yet he decided to take it.
7. The boys had no ticket stubs they were asked to leave.
8. Cathy is the new president, and Mark is the treasurer.
9. Do not cook the stew too long, or the meat will get stringy.
10. The sign was unnecessary, no one went near the haunted house.