Grade Six / Copper
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21.4 Avoiding Sentence Problems

Correcting Run-ons

Each sentence below is a run-on. Use the pull-down menus to select the word in each sentence that should be followed by some form of punctuation that would correct the run-on sentence.

End of First Sentence
EXAMPLE: At the equator the sun's ray are direct they are strong and hot. direct
1. Rain-forest people live in villages and their houses are small and dim.
2. Alligators lay their eggs in the mud the sun hatches them.
3. Cooking is easy a cookbook is all you need.
4. Many people collect baseball cards some cards are very valuable.
5. The first playing cards came from China they were used to tell fortunes.
6. Most tourists view the canyon from the rim but a few travel to its floor on donkeys.
7. Yellowstone Park is our oldest national park it opened in 1872.
8. Regular mail takes several days but express mail arrives the next day.
9. Tomatoes are expensive to ship for they bruise easily.
10. The bus driver refused to drive the passengers got off angrily.