Grade Eight / Silver
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14.2 Pronouns

Recognizing Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns

Use the pull-down menus to identify the pronoun in bold type as interrogative or indefinite in each sentence below.

Type of Pronoun
EXAMPLE: No one really knows our secret. indefinite
1. Who was chosen as our Homecoming Queen?
2. Both of the suggestions are extremely helpful.
3. Amazingly, Uncle Burt knew everyone at the dinner.
4. The junior prom committee accepted one of our ideas.
5. I found my jacket. Whose is still in the closet?
6. My father knows somebody at the licensing bureau.
7. Either of their choices is acceptable to the principal.
8. Have you tried some of these fabulous desserts?
9. Which is the shortest route to the stadium?
10. Many of our friends will be going on the field trip.