Federal and State Government Update

capitol building

Welcome to Prentice Hall's Federal and State Government Update. Here you will find the latest list of top elected and appointed officials in all three branches of American government. Choose one of the links to look up your leaders in Washington, D.C. or your home state.

Federal Officials

Executive Branch
President, Vice President, and Cabinet

Judicial Branch
Supreme Court Justices and their dates of appointment

Legislative Branch
Latest information on Senate and House officers and chairpersons of committees

State Officials

Look up the names and party affiliations of your state's Governor, U.S. Senators, and U.S. House Member(s).


Youth In Government Day
A program in Davis, California, to get high school students involved in local government.

Links Library
Index of Pearson-selected sites to enrich your learning.

Close Up Foundation

Close Up Foundation
America's leading civic organization provides a "close-up" look at our government.

For an in-depth look at political parties, voter behavior, and the electoral process, see Magruder's American Government Unit 2.