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Prentice Hall Biology

Chapter 11: Introduction to Genetics

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1. What is the acceleration of an object that has an initial velocity of 0 m/s, a final velocity of 40 m/s, and has traveled for 20 seconds? HINT: Acceleration (a) = (vf –vi) ÷ Δt
A 2 m/s2
B 4 m/s2
C 5 m/s2
D 2 m/s

2. A commuter train that is traveling northwest covers a distance of 45 kilometers in 75 minutes. What is the train's speed in kilometers per hour? HINT: Speed (s) = distance (d) ÷ time (t)
F 18 km/h
G 24 km/h
H 32 km/h
J 36 km/h

3. In a transverse wave, the distance either from crest to crest or from trough to trough is its
A amplitude.
B wavelength.
C frequency.
D timbre.

4. When parallel rays of light strike an uneven surface, the result is
F diffuse reflection.
G diffuse refraction.
H regular reflection.
J irregular refraction.

(TAKS 1, Bio TEKS 3F.4)
5. The Austrian monk whose experimental work on pea plants laid the foundation for the science of genetics is
A Oswald Avery.
B Sydney Brenner.
C Gregor Mendel.
D Allan Maxam.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 6D.1)
6. Offspring produced by crossing parents that have different characteristics are called
F alleles.
G F2.
H homologs.
J hybrids.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 6D.1)
7. If a hybrid has a phenotype that is midway between the phenotypes of its true-breeding parents, the trait being studied is probably controlled by
A incompletely dominant alleles.
B codominant alleles.
C multiple alleles.
D linked genes.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 6D.1)
8. In guinea pigs, black color is dominant. When two hybrid black guinea pigs are crossed, the probability of producing a white guinea pig is
F 1/2.
G 1/4.
H 1/3.
J 3/4.

9. The flower called a four o'clock (Mirabilis) exhibits incomplete dominance. Suppose there is a cross between a red-flowered (RR) plant and a white-flowered (WW) plant. What would be expected in the offspring?
A all red-colored flowers
B all white-colored flowers
C all pink-colored flowers
D 3/4 red-colored flowers; 1/4 white colored flowers

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 3F.4)
10. The scientist who experimented on fruit flies and discovered the principle of gene linkage is
F Gregor Mendel.
G Alfred Hershey.
H Thomas Hunt Morgan.
J Rosalind Franklin.