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Prentice Hall Biology

Chapter 21: Fungi

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(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 8C)
1. The tangled mass that makes up the body of a fungus is the
A ascus.
B rhizoid.
C mycelium.
D stolon.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 8C)
2. Cell walls that contain chitin are found
F in fungi and protists.
G only in fungi.
H in fungi and plants.
J only in bacteria.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 8C)
3. Fungi that are not known to reproduce sexually are classified in the phylum
A Zygomycota.
B Ascomycota.
C Basidiomycota.
D Deuteromycota.

(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 12B)
4. A lichen is a mutualistic association of a fungus and a(an)
F animallike protist.
G photosynthetic organism.
H plant.
J parasite.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 8C)
5. Sexual reproduction involves spores that contain dormant diploid cells among members of the phylum
A Zygomycota.
B Ascomycota.
C Basidiomycota.
D Deuteromycota.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 8C)
6. The ascus of the Ascomycota is the part of the fungus that
F is big enough to be visible.
G contains sexual spores
H contains the hyphae.
J contains asexual spores.

(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 12B.2)
7. Parasitic fungi attack
A plants but not humans.
B animals but not plants.
C plants and algae.
D humans, other animals, and plants.

(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 12B.2)
8. Most fungi obtain food from
F decaying organic matter.
G photosynthesis.
H parasites.
J inorganic materials.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 8C)
9. Members of the phylum Basidiomycota are also known as
A sac fungi.
B imperfect fungi.
C protistlike fungi.
D club fungi.

10. Nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth are elements in Group 5A of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Which of the following is a true statement about this group?
F One of the elements in the group makes up 80 percent of the air.
G All of the elements have four valence elements.
H One of the elements makes up 80 percent of the compounds in the human body.
J All of the elements are alkaline earth metals.