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Prentice Hall Biology

Chapter 40: The Immune System and Disease

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(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 4D.4; TAKS 1, Bio TEKS 3F.4)
1. The idea now known as the germ theory of disease is attributed to
A Marie Curie.
B Linus Pauling and Robert Corey.
C Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch.
D James Watson and Francis Crick.

(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 4D.4)
2. Allen Steere and his colleagues proved that Lyme disease is caused by a
F virus.
G bacterium.
H defective gene.
J protozoan.

(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 4C.2)
3. The common cold, influenza, smallpox, and warts are all caused by
A bacteria.
B protists.
C fungi.
D viruses.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 10A.11)
4. Memory B and T cells are produced
F before birth.
G by virus-infected cells.
H after exposure to an antigen.
J by bacterial pathogens.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 10A.11)
5. Any substance that triggers a specific response of the immune system is a(an)
A vaccine.
B antigen.
C antibody.
D pathogen.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 10A.11)
6. Attempts by the body to defend itself against particular pathogens are known as
F specific defenses.
G nonspecific defenses.
H infective defenses.
J noninfective defenses.

(TAKS 3, Bio TEKS 4C.2)
7. Which of the following is NOT a method by which AIDS is transmitted?
A through sexual intercourse with an infected person
B by exposure to bacterial toxins
C through shared needles contaminated by the blood of an AIDS-infected person
D from an infected mother to her unborn child during pregnancy

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 10A.11)
8. An autoimmune disease results when the immune system attacks
F pathogenic organisms.
G the body's own cells.
H bacterial toxins.
J foreign antibiotics.

(TAKS 2, Bio TEKS 10A.11)
9. The inflammatory response is an example of
A vaccination.
B passive immunity.
C specific defense.
D nonspecific defense.

10. Which of the following statements about water is NOT true?
F The weak bonds between water molecules are called hydrogen bonds.
G Water is a nonpolar substance.
H Water is often called the "universal solvent."
J The hydrogen of the water molecule has a slight positive charge.