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Rap Lyrics

Kevin Garcia
Glenda Reeves
Erica Orofino

He's your average V.P. with a smile on his face
When Harrison died, then John took his place
For slavery he was, so he had his own slaves
First Pres. Almost impeached, and he's dead today

William Henry Harrison, that's my name
Pass me the cider, forget the Champaign.
Born at Berkly 1-7-7-3, aid camp for Mad Anthony
Governor of IndianTerritory, see me kicking those reds to the darn curb
Oh well, in the war of 1812
They put me in command, and I won more Laurels
Northwest rank!
Brigadier General
Won office by just a little, representing the Whigs with the fat "H" in the middle
Top of the U.S., I was number one
A month in, I died in 1841


Verse 2:
V.P. to William Henry
Studied law at college of Will and Merry
Nominated by wigs in 1840
Opposed compromise of Missouri
This white man was for slavery
So I started, the confederacy
I betrayed the Whigs, I am John T.
The first pres. they considered, impeaching
John Tyler,
Mr. "T"
Member of confederate H-O, U-S-E


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