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Responding to the Needs of Diverse Learners

Patricia O'Connor

Honors Contract

Dear Honors Candidate and Parents,
In the Integrated Studies Program, Honors status is achieved by consistently delivering an outstanding performance. While any student may select this option, those who plan to succeed should be highly motivated, be capable of managing challenging assignments, and, most importantly, have a strong desire to learn. The following criteria have been established as expectations of those who wish to be Honor Students:

Maintain an "A" average overall in course work.
Complete Enrichment Activities to further study in selected areas.
Exceed the minimum expectations in course work.
Exhibit behavior that contributes to our classroom's learning atmosphere.

This is an important decision. It is hoped that parents and students will talk this over and come to a decision that allows the best learning opportunity for each student. If you should elect to be a part of this program, please sign the form below in the designated areas. Thank you for your time and effort in considering this opportunity.



I hereby acknowledge that I understand and accept the responsibilities of an Honors Candidate in the Integrated Studies Program.

Student Signature ____________________________ Date _________________

I acknowledge my son's or daughter's choice and approve of their decision.

Parent Signature _____________________________

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