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Responding to the Needs of Diverse Learners

Patricia O'Connor

Immigration Unit: Group Instructions

Group Members' Names and Phone Numbers

  1. Choose the ethnic group that you will be researching.

  2. You will be making a display that will contain the following information about your ethnic group:
    1. Map of the area that they lived in before emigration
    2. Map of the dominant areas of settlement in the U.S.
    3. Visual display (graphs, etc.) that shows numbers and years of immigration
    4. Paper that explains why this group came to America and where and why they settled in the areas that they did
    5. Visual display of their contributions as an individual or a group
    6. Written and visual display of how their assimilation into American society changed our culture (food, art, language, dress, etc.)
    7. Paper that explains what problems this group faced coming here as immigrants and what solutions were proposed or tried
    8. Paper that discusses this group today: How assimilated are they? What contemporary problems do they face? What solutions are being suggested?

  3. All work should be typed, colorfully displayed, attractive, and educational. It should be the size of three poster boards capable of standing as a display.

  4. On the due date, we will be sharing and evaluating each others' work. You should plan on researching and preparing cookies that would represent your ethnic group. You will be serving those along with the display you are creating.

  5. There is an individual literature component that Ms. Greeley will tell you about, which will also be displayed with your project and cookies.

  6. This project is due on __________ and is worth _________ points.

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