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Responding to the Needs of Diverse Learners

Patricia O'Connor

Immigration Unit: Oral History Project

  1. Due Date ________________ to ________________

  2. Worth ________________

  3. You will be preparing a minimum of 30 minutes of taped interview, either on cassette or video. Your interview should keep in mind a particular theme. Please listen to your teachers' suggestions, although they should be considered only as a springboard for your own imagination. Watch carefully the various due dates throughout this project. Have fun!

  4. Due Date One ________________
    Turn this sheet in with the theme you have chosen and the name(s) of individual(s) to be interviewed.
    Theme ________________
    Name(s) ________________

  5. Due Date Two ___________________
    Listen carefully to your teachers' explanations of good questioning techniques. Know the difference between open and closed questions. Then, select a theme, prepare five practice questions, and interview someone at your table. When your interview is done, write a short biography (about one page) on that person, keeping in mind your theme and beginning with a thesis statement.

    Example: John Smith is a person who has always loved the water.

    This paper should be labeled with the name of the person who is being interviewed and the name of the person doing the interview (example: John Smith interviewed by Sara Lee). It should be typed or neatly written in blue or black ink on lined, clean-edged notebook paper with no folds.

  6. Due Date Three __________________
    Write ten questions, keeping in mind the qualities of "good questions." These should reflect the theme of your recorded interview.

  7. Make every effort to keep up with the handouts that are designed to help you do an excellent job on this interview.

  8. Be watching for a comprehensive lesson on how to conduct your interview, but remember that there will be many mini-lessons along the way.

  9. Read Handout I by ________________

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