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Arlene Shenkus

teacher photoArlene Shenkus has taught at Paulsboro High School, New Jersey, for 35 years. Since 1993, she has taught an elective course in Prejudice Reduction/Holocaust Studies. Her school has been named a demonstration site for Holocaust education by the New Jersey State Commission on Holocaust Education. She has served on the committee to revise and update the Holocaust/Genocide curriculum for the state of New Jersey.

Ms. Shenkus earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from Rowan University in New Jersey. She was named Gloucester County (NJ) Teacher of the Year in 1995–1996. She has served on the leadership committee with the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies in Philadelphia. In 1997, she received honorable mention for her unit on teaching the Holocaust through music, photography, and literature from the National Music Foundation: American Music Education Initiative. Also in 1997, she was a recipient of the Anti-Defamation League of New Jersey Honey and Maurice Axelrod Award for Holocaust/Genocide Education. A Mandel Fellow with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for 2000–2001, she has presented papers at local, state, and national conferences in the area of Holocaust teacher training and curriculum.

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