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Len Rabinowitz

teacher photoLen Rabinowitz, of Ashland, Massachusetts, has written this month's feature on assessment. Having taught a variety of social studies courses to students with various learning abilities for ten years, Len is acutely aware of the importance of a good test. He has worked with ETS to write questions for the Georgia state exam in Economics and served as an essay reader for the AP® U.S. History test. He has also run extensive analyses of the MCAS results.

Vital Statistics:
B.A. in History, University of Massachusetts, magna cum laude
M.A. in Education, University of Massachusetts
Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2000 and 2002 editions

Len's View of the Importance of Assessment:
Assessment is a big issue in Massachusetts, as it is in many states. It leads us all, new and experienced teachers, to question our goals in education. What should the students have learned in our classes? In a sense, assessment can drive our entire curriculum.

Educational Philosophy
I see learning as an active and engaging process for both the learner and the teacher.

Len has a variety of interests that enhance his teaching. A professional musician for many years, Len was also in the video business before becoming a teacher. He enjoys working with technology. These interests have served him well in the classroom. He has received one grant to develop the use of music and arts as social studies teaching tools, and in 2000–2001, he received a second mini grant to develop a Web site for the social studies department.

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