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Julie Meek

teacher photoJulie Meek, of Plano, Texas, has written this featured article on constructivism. Having a composite social studies certification means that Julie has taught many classes, but her favorite is geography. She has taught high school geography for eight years and enjoys the challenge of using the constructivist theory of teaching in her classroom.

Vital Statistics
B.A. in Humanities, Stephen F. Austin State University
M.A. in Geography, University of North Texas

Julie Applies Constructivist Theory
"After September 11, we were covering the world's major religions. In our discussions, students began to recognize how important it is to understand the rest of the world. They sought information, asked questions, and applied analytical skills in the process. The classroom conversations created by the situation renewed my belief that students want to learn. As teachers, we have to create environments that allow for the learning."

Educational Philosophy
"Teaching gives me a unique opportunity to watch and encourage the emerging personalities of the students, which never fails to keep the days exciting. Watching students successfully dealing with the subject matter is the highlight of my career."

Personal History
Teaching apparently is in Julie's blood. She is the great-great granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, and sister-in-law of teachers. She entered college as a business major, but she quickly realized that she could not escape the "family business."

Julie traveled as a child, spending summers in Indonesia and Singapore. A particularly memorable summer included a rafting trip down the Alas River in Sumatra. "I think this is when my love of geography, with its study of cultures and people, began."

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