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Nancy R. Cope

teacher photoNancy R. Cope of Sanford, North Carolina, has been a teacher for 32 years. She has taught every social studies program that came along for seventh through twelfth grades. She was Wake County supervisor for 3-1/2 years and a clinical professor in social studies at North Carolina State University. She has also taught at Governor's School in Laurinburg. Mentoring teachers has reinvigorated her love of the profession.

Vital Statistics
B.A. in History and Social Studies, Wake Forest University
M.A. in History, North Carolina State University
Over 100 hours in graduate credit
President, North Carolina Social Studies Council, 1999–2001
National Council for Social Studies: Outstanding Service to Social Studies Award, 2002

Nancy's Educational Philosophy
I always wanted to be a teacher. My mother says that at age four, I was making report cards for the neighborhood children. (All made A's.) I always loved the interaction with the students and creating exciting things to do.

My basic philosophy of education can be summarized in four statements:

  1. Teach every class as if your own children were in the front row.
  2. If you as the teacher are bored, the students were bored months before you got that way.
  3. Every child should have enrichment. Teach like that.
  4. Lose yourself in service to others and you will find happiness.

Personal History
Nancy's love of her career as a history teacher and her love of travel made a perfect match. She traveled to Canada for three summers for curriculum work with Duke University. For seven consecutive years, she traveled to Europe with students. In 1992, she went to Korea with the Korea Society. In 1999, she traveled to Australia for the North Carolina Social Studies Council and the following year, she was off to Russia with Project Harmony. Even as she looked forward to retirement, she organized a team of North Carolina teachers and supervisors to visit Cuba in March 2002. (The visit is the basis of this feature article.)

Recently retired, Nancy is still active in the NCCSS as past president. Her next trip: South America. As she said, "I need more stamps on my passport!"

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