On y va!

Premier niveau

Unité 1: On prend quelque chose

Unité 1 of On y va! contains information about popular places to eat in the Francophone world such as le café and le fast-food. In the Note Culturelle on page 39, you learned about the increasing popularity of fast-food restaurants in France. Le Quick is a major fast-food chain in France. There are over 245 Le Quick restaurants in France, 26 in Paris alone! Let's learn more about Le Quick by visiting its Web site.

  1. A drive-through is a typical feature you'd expect to find at a fast-food restaurant. Name two other things you might expect to find at a fast-food restaurant.

    Now let's take a look at the Web page for Le Quick.

    Which of the following items did you find mentioned on the site about Le Quick?
    drive-through menu playground
    combination meals birthday parties kid's meals

    You remember that franglais is vocabulary from English that has found its way into the French language. The following franglais words are used on the Web site.
    Le King Fish Fish sandwich
    La Magic Box Kid's meal
    Le Drive Drive-through

    Let's have a second look at the Le Quick Web page in more detail. As you look at the site, find at least two other franglais expressions used and list them below.

  2. Now go back to the Le Quick Web site. Here you will find information about an assortment of desserts offered at the restaurant. Click on each dessert to find out what it is made of and its price. Complete the following table by providing the name of the desserts listed. Then check the box indicating the type of dessert you think it is.
    Dessert Crème glacée glace gateau fruits feuilleté

  3. Now, imagine that you and your friends are in Paris and want to get something to eat. With a partner, play out the scene. Suggest you go to Le Quick. Select foods from the menu you like, then order them. Choose a drink, two food items and a dessert.