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Unité 2: On fait des achats

In Unité 2 you learned to talk about your possessions. When you want to buy something such as a camera, computer or backpack, where do you go? Do you prefer to go to the mall? a department store? or order from a catalogue? Department stores such as La Redoute and Les 3 Suisses are very popular in France. These stores also have detailed catalogues that can be used to order items over the phone. With the popularity of the Internet, we can even find information about products sold in the catalogs online!

  1. This activity focuses on the products offered at La Redoute. Before you look at the Web page, you should become familiar with some vocabulary related to shopping. The following words or expressions are similar to their English equivalents; can you guess what they mean?
    1. Les catalogues en ligne
    2. Les promos
    3. Boutique 50%
    4. Techno

    Scan the Web site for La Redoute.
    1. How many different online catalogues are available?
    2. Name two ways one can order from the catalogues.

  2. Now click on the category SPORT. Click on two categories on RAYONS. At the bottom of the page, you will find a picture and a description of the items on sale. For each of the two categories, list two items on sale, their price and available colors, and the reason why you would choose them.
    Item 1 Item 2

  3. You need to buy un cadeau or a gift for three different family members. Based on their likes, choose an item that you would like to buy for them from the Web site. Complete the table below with each item's name, its price, and where on the site you found it.
    personne aime à acheter prix catégorie
    ma mère les photos le compact Canon BF-80 269,00 FF Électronique