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Unité 4: On va en ville

On page 221 you learned about the Paris subway or le métro. There are many cities in France and other Francophone areas that have a subway system too. Let's take a look at the subway in Montréal, Québec.

  1. The first site to look at contains basic information and links to other sites about the Montréal subway.

    Scan a map of the Montréal subway system.
    1. How many stations or subway stops are there in Montréal?
    2. How many different lines are there?
    3. Un tarif is a tariff or price. What do you think tarification means?

    Now, go back to the site, and, at the bottom of the screen, click on the blue button with the circled arrow pointing down. On the screen that comes up, click on Tarification. Complete the following table about the different rates for the subway.
    Tarif ordinaire Tarif réduit
    Espèces (cash)
    Carte Touristique /1 jour
    /3 jours

    Who is eligible for a tarif réduit?

  2. Now that you know how much it is going to cost you to take the subway, let's take a look at the different lines and how often they run on a weekday. Go back to the previous screen, and click on Fréquence de passage des rames de métro (just above Tarification). Choose a metro line, then choose the direction (last stop) toward which trains run on that line. Next, click on the weekly schedule for that line.
    1. How many trains run on that line on a weekday?
    2. When (during which hours) is there the least amount of time between trains?