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Unité 5: On visite Nice

In Unité 5, you learned to understand descriptions of sights in Paris and to get information about activities to do there. Let's take a look at another popular French city, Nice.

  1. Nice, approximately 931 kilometers from Paris, is located on the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous things to do or see in Nice. The first Web site we will look at contains images of some of the most interesting sights.

    Look at the images of Nice.
    1. What do you notice about the streets in Nice?
    2. How do the houses in Nice differ from houses in your area?
    3. If you were to go to Nice, what three things would you want to do or see?
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  2. Now that you have seen what Nice is like, let's look at some of the sporting events that take place in Nice every year.

    Complete the following chart about the various sporting events in Nice.
    Event Dates Type of Event
    Paris-Nice Cycliste 8 au 15 Mars bicycle race

  3. You and your parents recently spent a week in Nice. You're back and your best friend wants to know about your trip. With a partner, play out the scene. Use the information you obtained about things to see in Nice in Activity A and sporting events in Nice in Activity B as a guide. Be sure to name at least three activities you did or sights you visited. Then change roles.