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Unité 6: On fait les courses

In Unité 6 you learned about the various places where the French go shopping. Let's put this knowledge to use by visiting some Web sites about grocery shopping.

  1. You learned on page 341 about the French boucherie. Do you remember what the boucher sells?

    Now take a look at the Maison Steffen site.

    Where (cities and country) is this store located?

    Now go back to the Maison Steffen home page. What types of meats are available?

    What information is given about the different types of meat?

  2. You and your friends are planning a party. You have to decide what you want to buy, where you are going to buy it, and how much it costs. You may need to go to other stores depending on the type of party you plan. Play the scene with a partner.