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Deuxieme niveau

Chapitre préliminaire

You've been talking about activities you might do in town, such as shopping or ordering food in a restaurant. Let's use this knowledge by visiting a Web site about the city of Albi, located in southwestern France.

  1. The Web site you are about to visit contains information about the city of Albi. When you arrive at the home page of the Web site, you will see several photos of the city, a description of the city, and a list of information links.

    Look at the Albi site, then answer the questions below.
    1. How big is Albi?
    2. In which département is it located?
    3. Check the activities you can do in Albi.
      shopping pêche sports ski
      cinéma expositions musées théâtre

  2. Now, go back to the main Web site, then click on Se restaurer located on the left side of the page. Here you'll see a list of various restaurants in Albi. For each restaurant, you'll find the name, the type of food, address, phone number and days the restaurant is closed. Identify a restaurant for each of the following:
    1. to eat a pizza:
    2. to eat for less than 50 FF:
    3. to eat vegetarian:
    4. to eat the most expensive meal:
    5. closed on Mondays:

  3. Now imagine that you are in Albi and want to get something to eat. With a partner, play out the scene. Decide where you want to eat. You and your partner don't have to agree on a place. Then choose what you are going to eat and order it. You can use the information you obtained in Activity B, or return to the Web site for more information.