On y va!

Deuxieme niveau

Unité 1: On regarde la météo

In Unité 1 you learned to talk about the weather and understand weather reports. Let's take a look at French Web sites about the weather today.

  1. On page 80 you learned that the French use the centigrade scale for temperatures. Do you remember how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit? In case you forgot, here's the formula:

    Celsius to Fahrenheit
    1. Divide by 5
    2. Multiply by 9
    3. Add 32

    Example: 10 degrees Celsius
    10/5 = 2
    2 × 9 = 18
    18 + 32 = 50 degrees Fahrenheit

    Look at a weather site about the temperature in France today.

    What is the temperature range?

    What is this in Fahrenheit?

  2. Now, let's look at another site that has a current weather forecast for today in France. Complete the following table for the weather in the cities found on the map. You'll need to convert the Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit. Then write a sentence describing the weather based on the images you see.
    Ville Température Il fait…
    Lille C     F
    Paris C     F
    Strasbourg C     F
    Lyon C     F
    Brest C     F
    Bordeaux C     F
    Toulouse C     F
    Marseille C     F

  3. Imagine that you just got back from a trip to France. Choose four cities. Say where you went, what you did there and what the weather was like. Use the information you obtained in Activity B as a guide.