On y va!

Deuxieme niveau

Unité 2: On s'installe

In Unité 2 you learned to reserve and pay for a hotel room. Let's take a look at a Web site about several major hotel chains in France.

  1. The purpose of this activity is to find out information about various hotel chains in France. To do this we will look at a Web site by Groupe Accor.

    Do you remember what system is used to classify the hotels in France?

    In what type of hotel would you stay if you wanted luxury?

    In what type of hotel would you stay if you wanted good quality but a great value?

    Move your mouse arrow down the list of hotel chains. For each chain, you'll see a description pop up. Use the information you see to complete the table below about the number of hotels in the chain and to determine the quality of the hotel, luxe or économique.
    hôtel nombre d'hôtels luxe ou économique
    Etap Hôtel
    Formule 1
    Motel 6

  2. Now, choose a city in France and search for a hotel there by going to the search column. Type in the name of the city you chose and click OK. You'll see a list of hotels available in that city. For each hotel, click on Information to find information about its location, types of rooms, and any special features. Choose several hotels from your list and indicate if the hotel has the following features or not.
    Services oui non oui non oui non oui non
    chambres climatisées
    chambres non-fumeur
    restaurant dans l'hôtel
    au centre ville
    en périphérie
    près de la gare ou de l'aéroport
    services de traduction

  3. Now imagine that you want to make reservations at one of the hotels from Activity B. Play the roles of a receptionist and guest with a partner. Ask for the following information: where the hotel is located, if there is any pool or other exercise facilities available, if there is a restaurant in the hotel, if non-smoking rooms are available and if the rooms have air-conditioning or not. Then make reservations for the hotel.