On y va!

Deuxieme niveau

Unité 3: On passe le temps

In Unité 3 you learned about organizing your weekend plans. On page 225, you familiarized yourself with Pariscope, a magazine sold in newsstands, where you can find information about upcoming events. Let's take a look at Pariscope online!

  1. The main page for Pariscope contains information about upcoming events. It also contains links to obtain additional information about specific types of events.
    1. What upcoming event is featured on the main page?
    2. Which of the following items can you find more information about by clicking on a link at the left of the page?
      Web sites
      night life

  2. Now click on the link cinéma. Listed at the top of the page you will find the new films that are showing during the week. Then, choose a movie title and click on it. Here you'll find information about when the film you chose was made, how long the film is, the type of film it is, the actors in the film, a summary of the story and a list of theaters showing the film. Do you remember that V.O. (version originale) and V.F. (version française) indicates whether a film is shown with subtitles (V.O.) or is dubbed (V.F.)? You may choose to click on tous les films to see all films available, not just the new films that are showing. Select 5 films and complete the chart below.

    Semaine du au

    Film année durée genre de film V.O. V.F.

  3. You and your friend want to go to see a film this afternoon. Use the listings from Pariscope online to:
    • discuss the type of films you each like.
    • suggest a film to see.
    • decide where and when to go.