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Deuxieme niveau

Unité 4: On s'occupe de sa santé

In Unité 4 you learned to talk about your health and physical condition. Now you'll surf the net to find out more about being healthy and taking care of yourself.

  1. On page 305, you learned about Les cinq groupes d'aliments. Do you remember what they are?

    We often think of foods as being either 'good' or 'bad' for us. Look at the following list of food items. First, guess what each item is in English. Then, decide which items are bon for you and which are mauvais by placing an X in the appropriate column.
    Aliment English Bon pour la santé Mauvais pour la santé
    les oranges
    les carottes
    l'huile végétale
    le poisson
    le pâté
    le fromage
    la viande rouge
    la tarte aux pommes
    les céréales
    la confiture
    la vinaigrette
    la salade verte
    le beurre
    les biscuits

  2. The Web page we are going to visit contains information about healthy eating. This site is entirely in French, and there may be words and expressions you don't understand yet. You will also encounter a few terms that are uniquely Canadian. Don't worry; try to guess the meaning of words you don't understand. But don't get bogged down by any single word you don't know. It's more important to get the general idea of what's being discussed.

    In the column on the left, click on Cuisine virtuelle. Type your name (or make one up) in the blank and click on the button to the right. Now you can move your cursor around the virtual kitchen and click on different foods to learn more about them. Find each of the foods listed below in the virtual kitchen and read the descriptions. Then write one piece of advice you found about each of the food items.

    pains pita


    café et thé

    beurre d'arachides



  3. Now click on Défi Nutrition in the left column and play the game.

    How many points did you score?

    Did you learn anything new? In the spaces below, list up to five nutrition facts you did not know before you played.