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Deuxieme niveau

Unité 5: On visite la France

In Unité 5 you learned about various regions of France. You learned about La Provence in southern France and about the beautiful châteaux in La vallée de la Loire. Now let's surf the Web and discover another great region of France, Rhône-Alpes.

  1. In this Unité, you learned ways to describe the geography of France. There are des départements, des régions, and des provinces.

    Do you remember what the official administrative unit of France is?

    How many départements are there in France?

    How many départements d'outre-mer are there?

    Now let's look at a region near La Provence called Rhône-Alpes. View a map of the provinces and departments in France.

    List the départements for this region below.

    The principal cities of Rhône-Alpes are:

  2. Now let's visit a Web site where we can learn more information about the region Rhône-Alpes.

    Match the information you are seeking with the link you would use to find it.
    1. to find out about skiing?
    2. to find out about the history?
    3. to find out culinary information?
    4. to find out about events?
    5. to find out how to get there?
    a. Tourisme
    b. Gastronomie
    c. Accès
    d. Patrimoine
    e. Sports d'hiver
    f. Festivals, Fêtes et Folklore

    Click on several of the links to find out two additional pieces of information about this region. List what you find out below.

  3. Go back to the main Web site above and click on the facilité d'accès link. Then click on the Comment venir dans la Région Rhône-Alpes? to see a map of Lyon and surrounding cities. Using the vocabulary listed below, write where Lyon is located in relation to the cities listed on the map.

    le nord
    le nord-est
    le nord-ouest
    le sud
    le sud-est
    le sud-ouest

    Modèle: Lyon se trouve au sud-est de Paris.