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On y va! makes students independent speakers of French!

  • The On y va! program has made a major, positive impact on teachers and students all around the country. Our success is due to the fact that we have created a user-friendly program based on issues expressed by you, the teachers.
  • We have organized our books in such a way that no time needs to be spent on organization or writing materials. Preparation time is reduced to a minimum because new and recycled materials have been carefully integrated, and the four skills and culture complement each other.
  • Each chapter of On y va! contains a built-in lesson plan, l'étape, and is designed to be taught in ONE block class period or two 45-minute class sessions.
  • There is a step-by-step progression from practice to meaningful communication, so that students are gradually eased into communication with plenty of vocabulary and grammar practice before open-ended activities.
  • On y va! provides consistent recycling (re-entry of concepts) from chapter to chapter, and from level to level, assuring students' retention of material.
  • Outstanding technology components, including the brand-new updated version of our award-winning Writing Assistant CD-ROM, Système-D
  • Try out our Web site activités with your students now!

Using the Activités

All the activités pages on this site link students to authentic French-language Web sites, giving them a taste of "real life" in French-speaking countries and a wonderful opportunity to expand their vocabulary and comprehension. Students are asked to seek out information on the sites and type their answers in the blanks provided. They will then use this information for a variety of communicative activities.

You may assign students to research and fill out the activités pages on their own or in pairs. If you wish to check their work, have students print out the completed pages. Students can type letters with accents by using the special character utility. To type a special character, click on that character in the utility. The character will appear in the box. Then, select the text and use the browser's Edit menu to cut and paste the character into the reply blank in the activity.

Once students have finished their research on the linked Web sites, they can perform the related communicative activities. If students have been working individually, you will need to assign pairs or small groups to work together. These activities take the form of dialogues, brief oral reports, and even written projects.

Check out the activités pages now, and help your students link to exciting, authentic French learning tasks.