Ya veras! Gold

Para Profesores

¡Ya verás! Gold and Assessment

¡Ya verás! Gold provides you with multiple options for evaluating and assessing students' progress. The program's assessment resources are made up of the Testing Program, including oral tests and portfolio assessment, the Testing Cassettes/CDs, the Computerized Testing Programs, and the Placement Test for Spanish-Speaking Students. The ¡Ya verás! Gold, Nivel 3 Testing Program also contains a composition for each chapter, mirroring the systematic writing strand integrated into the student text and its workbook.

The ¡Ya verás! Gold Testing Programs and Prochievement Testing

The quizzes, chapter tests, unit exams, and final exams in the ¡Ya verás! Gold Testing Programs can best be described as prochievement testing instruments, or achievement tests with a proficiency-orientation. A definition used by ACTFL in its Programs for Language Professionals is the fusion of proficiency and achievement testing that provides a more holistic way of assessing how well specific learned tasks are performed than customary discrete-item tests. Like achievement tests, the materials in the ¡Ya verás! Gold Testing Programs are text-specific, measuring what students have learned in the etapas, chapters, and units. Like proficiency tests, they are contextualized, providing real-life situations in which students demonstrate how well they use their language skills to fulfill communicative goals. In short, the ¡Ya verás! Gold Testing Programs are based on the premise of "testing what and how one teaches." They assume a consistency between teaching/learning and the assessment of students' progress.

¡Ya verás! Gold and the Speaking Proficiency

The emphasis on real-life, task-based use of language in oral proficiency testing is being implemented in entrance exams, national tests and contests, and graduation requirements. ¡Ya verás! Gold provides several regular features that are well suited to preparing students for the Oral Proficiency Interview, (OPI). The ¡Adelante! and Conversemos un rato cumulative oral activities are particularly useful because of their realistic, open-ended situations that recycle and spiral previously studied language functions, grammatical structures, and vocabulary. Moreover, the ¡Ya verás! Gold Testing Programs are prochievement-based so that students are always evaluated on what they can do, not simply on their mastery of discrete aspects of the language. After studying Spanish with ¡Ya verás! Gold, Niveles 1–3, students will have received ample support for taking the OPI.

Assessing Speaking and Writing

Many materials in the ¡Ya verás! Gold student texts and workbooks are suitable for use in assessing students' speaking and writing performance. For speaking, you can use the oral activities in the ¡Adelante! and Conversemos un rato sections. For writing, you can draw on the ¡Adelante! writing activities, the Taller de escritores process-writing sections, and the activities in the workbook preceded by the Atajo icon.

It is recommended that, when you evaluate speaking and writing tasks, you grade them holistically as many teachers nationwide already do with great success. Doing so acknowledges students' abilities to communicate messages and content, not just their use of vocabulary and grammatical structures. It also can save valuable time, particularly if done in conjunction with a rubric. Rubrics rely on criterion-referenced scoring that holds speaking and writing samples accountable to the criteria itself and not to other samples. You may want to use or modify the following rubric to facilitate your grading work. For more information about holistic grading and rubrics, see the Introductions to the ¡Ya verás! Gold Testing Programs.