Ya veras! Gold

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Critical Thinking Skills and ¡Ya Verás! Gold

In order to thrive in a rapidly changing world, students need to be able to think independently and analytically, synthesize large amounts of information, and make appropriate judgments. Teaching students to think critically is an ongoing process in which students and teachers work together to become more aware of their cognitive processes. The modern language classroom, with its emphasis on linguistic discovery and cultural enrichment, is an ideal place for developing critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking may be considered a multi-step process in which students bring a number of skills to bear on an issue or problem. The following critical thinking skills are developed in ¡Ya verás! Gold and highlighted in the Teacher's Editions with special icons and distinct teaching suggestions.


  • Analyzing: Examining something from every angle to see what it is and how it works
  • Activating prior knowledge: Using what one already knows in order in order to understand something better
  • Making hypotheses: Making predictions or hypotheses about a problem or issue


  • Categorizing: Organizing information into groups with similar qualities or attributes
  • Comparing and contrasting: Looking for similarities and differences between ideas, people, places, and things
  • Drawing inferences: Guessing logical explanations or reasons for choices, actions, and events
  • Synthesizing: Pulling together ideas and pieces of information in order to form a logical whole


  • Evaluating: Determining worth, weighing strengths, and weaknesses
  • Determining preferences: Making personal value judgments
  • Prioritizing: Rating precedence in order of importance or urgency
  • Creating: Producing an original work based on what one has learned and value judgments that one has made