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Vamos al café

According to the Comentarios Culturales on page 13, the café is a popular meeting place for both young and old people in the Spanish-speaking world. Did you know that many cafés are starting to advertise on the Internet? Let's surf the net and take a look at some of them.

  1. The first café that you will visit is located in Mallorca, one of the Islas Baleares in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you find these islands on the map of Spain in the front of your textbook? Let's have a look at the Café Xorri Web page to see what it is like.

    According to the Web page, what can people do at the Café Xorri? (Look for cognates and words that you already know.) Check the appropriate activities from the following list:

    visit artists' expositions
    listen to music

  2. Let's look at another café, the Café Bilbao, located in the port city of Bilbao, Spain. If you want to see an aerial photo showing where the café is situated, find the "Direcciones" link in the center of the Web page and click on it. Or click on "Imágenes" to see pictures of Bilbao.

    Next you will find some questions about the Café Bilbao. Click on the "raciones" and "pinchos" links to see the menu. Then, write your answers in English in the blanks provided:

    1. What can you eat at the café?
    2. In what part of the café might you choose to eat?

  3. Find a partner and imagine that the two of you want to go to a café to get something to eat. Which café do you like best: Café Xorri or Café Bilbao? What would you order to eat or drink there? You may follow the sample dialogue below:


    Estudiante A: Yo quisiera tomar un café. ¿Y tú?
    Estudiante B: Sí, también quisiera algo.
    Estudiante A: Vamos al Café Xorri. Voy a tomar un café con leche.
    Estudiante B: Yo voy a comer un sándwich de jamón y queso.