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Una cena mexicana

In this chapter we have been talking about Mexican food. Now let's imagine that your Spanish class has decided to prepare a traditional Mexican meal, and you are in charge of selecting each dish. Your goal is to have as much variety as possible in the menu you create, so that the class can get an idea of what Mexican cuisine is really like.

  1. To help you prepare the menu, let's visit the Web site called La cocina mexicana. Here you will see recipes and pictures of many Mexican dishes, all of which are organized in the following food categories:
    sopas — soups
    carnes — meats
    mariscos — seafood
    aves — poultry
    salsas — sauces
    verduras — vegetables
    bebidas — beverages
    postres — desserts
    By clicking on one of the food categories, you will see a list of names. Click on one of the names to see the recipe and a photograph of the prepared dish.

  2. Now create a menu for the class, based on the recipes that you think would be most interesting to try. Write the names of at least two dishes for each of the following categories:
    Categoría Opción 1 Opción 2

  3. Compare the menu that you have created with another classmate's menu. Have you chosen some of the same dishes or beverages?