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Primer NivelLeccion 7

Barquisimeto: la ciudad de los crepúsculos

In chapter 7 you have learned about cities in the Spanish-speaking world. In the typical city, there is a plaza in the middle of town with several important buildings facing into it, such as a cathedral or church, a government buildings, cafés and stores. Now let's visit a Web site dedicated to Barquisimeto, a city in Venezuela known as the Sunset City (la ciudad de los crepúsculos). It will be interesting to see whether you think Barquisimeto is a "typical" Hispanic city.

  1. Before you surf the net, you should now where exactly Barquisimeto is located in Venezuela. Find Venezuela on the map of South America in the front of your textbook. Do you see the capital city Caracas? Barquisimeto is located approximately 150 km (93 miles) to the west and slightly south of Caracas.

    Now you're ready to visit the Web site dedicated to the Sunset City. Upon arriving at the main page, you will see a picture that explains where the city got its nickname!

  2. Let's gather some general information about the city. Click on Inf. General at the left of the page. Now find the second section at the right, the one entitled Información General. After scanning this paragraph, you should be able to provide a few basic facts about Barquisimento. In what year was the city founded? What is the city's average temperature? What is the population? Use this information to complete the following table:
    Información general sobre Barquisimeto
    Año de fundación:
    Temperatura: °C
    Población: habitantes

  3. Next, click on Ayer y Hoy at the left of the page. At the right you will see two pictures. One shows how the city used to look, while the other shows how it looks today. Read the brief description below the pictures and complete the following sentences about Barquisimeto:
    1. La ciudad está asentada sobre (situated on)
      una montaña.
      una meseta.
      la costa.
    2. La ciudad moderna tiene
      muchas viviendas (dwellings).
      pocas viviendas.

  4. Click on Divina Pastora at the left of the page, and you will some information about a well-known religious procession that takes place in Barquisimeto. Every year on January 14, people gather together and carry a religious statue known as the Divine Shepherdess from church to church until the last Sunday before Palm Sunday.

    Listed below are the various steps of the Divina Pastora procession. Based on the information you have read, put these steps in order by selecting the appropriate number before each one:
    La procesión de la Divina Pastora
    Regresa a Santa Rosa.
    Visita las iglesias de la ciudad.
    Sale de Santa Rosa.
    Va a la Catedral Metropolitana.

  5. Last but not least: what do the inhabitants of Barquisimeto do to have fun? Click on Diversión at the left of the page to find out. You will see several paragraphs that give the names of various discotheques, bars and restaurants that are popular in the city. Scan the text to find the names of these places and then complete the following table:
    Lugares divertidos de Barquisimeto


  6. After gathering all of this information on Barquisimeto, do you think that it is like the "typical" city of the Spanish-speaking world? Why or why not? Form a group with two or three classmates and discuss your opinions. Be sure to explain your point of view based on what you now know about the city. You may use the following model as a guide for discussion:

    Estudiante A: Barquisimeto es una ciudad típica porque…

    EstudianteB: Sí, pero yo pienso que no es una ciudad típica porque…