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¿Quieres visitar la ciudad?

  1. In Chapter 3, you have learned how to talk about various places in the city and to indicate where they are located. Think about the city or town where you live. Pick four familiar places and give their locations in the chart below. For example, el café Daily Grind, la Avenida Beaver.

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  2. In this activity, you will explore a city of the Spanish-speaking world via the World Wide Web. The chart below lists three possibilities: Santiago, Miramar and Punta del Este, located in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, respectively. Your task is to choose five places you would like to visit in one of these three cities. You should also look for information about where the places are located, such as a street address or a nearby landmark.

    Santiago, Chile
    Miramar, Argentina
    Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Create your list of five places to visit in the table below. At the top, indicate the name of the city. Then, type the names of the places that you want to visit and a brief description of where each place is located.

    Cinco lugares que quiero visitar en
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  3. Now find a partner and find out which city he or she wants to visit, as well as what places within the city. You may follow the sample dialogue below:

    Estudiante A: ¿A qué ciudad quieres ir?

    Estudiante B: Quiero ir a Miramar, Argentina.

    Estudiante A: ¿Qué quieres visitar en la ciudad?

    Estudiante B: Primero, quiero ir al Museo Nacional. Está en la Plaza de Armas.


    Based on your interview, are you and your partner planning to visit similar types of places in the cities that you have chosen? For example, do you both plan on visiting museums or movie theaters? In the chart below, check the types of places that your itineraries have in common.

    Nosotros queremos visitar …
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    un colegio
    un parque
    una panadería
    una librería
    una biblioteca
    una oficina de correos
    un estadio
    una carnicería
    un restaurante
    un café
    una discoteca
    una plaza
    una escuela secundaria
    un museo
    un cine
    una florería
    una catedral
    una iglesia
    una universidad
    un mercado