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Más fiestas de Guatemala

As you have learned in chapter 9, Independence Day is celebrated in Guatemala City on September 15. Now, find out about other celebrations that take place in this Central American country by visiting Web sites that give tourist information on the area.

  1. Before we surf the net to Guatemala, familiarize yourself with the following list of useful words and expressions:
    adornar — to adorn antiguo(a) — ancient, old
    apropiado(a) — appropriate barrilete (m.) — kite
    católico(a) — Catholic cementerio — cemetery
    creencia — belief difunto(a) — dead
    gigante — giant muerto(a) — dead
    pagano(a) — pagan representar — to perform
    vuelo — flight

  2. Check out Feriados y fiestas nacionales en el mundo: Guatemala to see the dates of Guatemala's national holidays.

    Use the list of national holidays to complete the chart that follows. Select the appropriate date in the box next to each holiday.

    Fecha Días de Feriado Nacional
    15 de septiembre Día de la Independencia
    Día de Todos los Santos
    Fin de año
    Semana Santa

  3. Let's find out more about two of the national holidays listed above. Visit Turansa to find a list of celebrations that take place in various cities and towns of Guatemala.

    The two holidays of interest to us are Semana Santa and Día de Todos los Santos. You will find paragraphs describing each holiday as you scroll down the page. Read the paragraphs that begin "Día de Todos Santos," "Semana Santa," and "Los Barilletes Gigantes." You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of Spanish, but don't worry! All you have to do is scan the descriptions and find the pieces of information needed to complete the chart below.

    Here are several sentences describing Guatemala's national holidays. Indicate which holiday each sentence refers to by checking the appropriate boxes. Be careful! Some sentences may refer to both holidays. To help you scan the textual descriptions on the Web site, important keywords of each sentence are in boldface.

    Descripción Semana Santa Día de Todos los Santos
    El lugar más apropiado para esta fiesta es La Antigua Guatemala.
    Es una combinación de creencias católicas y paganas.
    Las personas celebran el Día de los Muertos.
    Los residentes de los pueblos participan en grandes procesiones llenas de color.
    El Vuelo de los "Barriletes Gigantes" es una celebración importante.
    Las personas visitan y adornan los cementerios.

  4. You have seen in this chapter that many towns in the Hispanic world celebrate at least one important day during the year. In Peru you can find a number of holidays where whole towns come together to celebrate their rich cultural traditions.

  5. Choose two or three events that you would most like to attend. Then ask one or two of your classmates which festival they would like to attend, and what they might like to do there.

    Estudiante A: Yo quisiera ver el Baile de Pastores en Llapo. Me gusta bailar con mis amigos.

    Estudiante B: Pues, yo prefiero ver la Danza sobre el Fuego.