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Primer NivelLeccion 11

Los metros del mundo hispano

As you know, chapter 11 is about taking the metro, specifically the metro system in Madrid. You also read about Mexico City's metro system on page 274. Do you know of other cities in the Spanish-speaking world that have metro systems? In this activity, we'll access some online metro maps to see how these systems compare to those of Madrid and Mexico City.

  1. Your task is to look at the maps of eight different metro systems and to rank the systems in terms of their relative size, or number of lines. Since each line is usually a different color on the map, you can determine the number of lines by counting the different colors. Sometimes the lines are numbered as well.

    Madrid, España
    Ciudad de México, México
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Santiago, Chile
    Lima, Perú
    Caracas, Venezuela
    Barcelona, España (PDF)
    Valencia, España

  2. Now that you are familiar with the metro systems, let's put them in order according to their size. The table below contains two columns. In the first column, type the number of lines that each metro system has. You'll want to rank the eight metro systems in descending order, from most number of lines to the least. In the second column, select the city and country where each metro system is located.

    Número de líneas Metro

  3. Let's make sure your findings agree with those of someone else in the class. Find a partner and ask him or her the following questions:

    1. ¿Cuál de los metros es más grande?
    2. ¿Cuál de los metros es menos grande?

    Finally, what might be some reasons as to why the metro systems of these cities rank they way they do? Share your ideas with your partner. How many possible reasons can you think of? You may wish to follow the model below:


    Estudiante A: En tu opinión, ¿por qué tiene (ciudad) el metro más/menos grande?

    Estudiante B: Yo pienso que (ciudad) tiene el metro más/menos grande porque …