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Primer NivelLeccion 14

Magnum City Club

In Chapter 14, you have learned to talk about sports and summer activities. Let's surf the net, explore a new sports club in Caracas, Venezuela, and see what they have to offer!

  1. Read the following description of Magnum City Club:
    "Magnum City Club es un novedoso club de ciudad que abarca una gran variedad de actividades deportivas y recreacionales, además de útiles servicios."
    Based on this description, which of the following activities would you expect to be able to do at the club?

    hacer ejercicio aeróbico
    jugar al baloncesto
    jugar al golf
    jugar al hockey
    levantar pesas
    patinar en ruedas
    caminar en la playa
    ir de camping
    ir de pesca
    tomar el sol
    practicar el ciclismo

  2. Let's have a look at the Magnum City Club Web site. Specifically, what activities can one do at the club? Which activities are most interesting to you?

  3. Imagine that you have the opportunity to visit Magnum City Club. Which activities do you want to do? Write a short description in Spanish in the space below. You may wish to follow the example:
    Magnum City Club tiene varias actividades interesantes.
    Primero, quiero jugar a los video juegos.
    Entonces, voy a nadar en la piscina.

  4. How do your plans compare to that of a classmate? Share them with a partner. Are you planning to do some of the same activities? Which activities seem to be the most popular between the two of you?