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Un deporte interesante en Chile

In this chapter we have seen that baseball and tennis are two very popular sports throughout the Spanish-speaking world. But of course, there are more. For example, did you know that surfing is popular on the beaches of Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile? You might be surprised to know that another type of surfing is also popular. Let's find out more about it … .

  1. The Web site you are about to visit has information on el windsurf. As you can probably tell from the title, this page is devoted to a special type of surfing. Before visiting the Web site, you will need to know a few words and expressions related to this sport:
    el aparejo — rig (sail and steering mechanism)
    navegante — sailor
    proclives — inclined to, disposed to
    la tabla — board
    el surf — surfboarding
    la vela — sail; sailing

    When you arrive at the Windsurf Web site, scroll down to the Introducción. There you will find a brief description about how the sport began and where it is practiced in Chile.

  2. Read the Descripción, and answer the following questions about windsurfing in Chile:
    1. Windsurfing is a hybrid sport that combines what two sports?
    2. What are the basic elements in a windsurf board?
    3. Where does this sport have its origins?
    4. Why is this sport especially popular among Europeans?
    5. What competition in the 1980s helped make windsurfing a popular sport?
    6. What physical features make Chile an especially good place for windsurfing?

    Scroll down to the Consideraciones básicas section.

    1. What personal characteristics are important for a good windsurfer?
    2. Why should a novice windsurfer rent his or her equipment, instead of buying it?

    Scroll down to Lugares. Note the many places in Chile where windsurfing is possible.

    1. What are three of the top recommendations for windsurfer safety?

    Check out some of the Artículos recomendados for a taste of some of Chile's many beaches