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Use the Spanish Character Utility to add words with special characters.

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¡Vamos al CyberCentro!

In this chapter you have learned the words and expressions that would allow you to go shopping in a Spanish-speaking country. Now let's surf the net and visit an online shopping center in Spain.

  1. In this activity, you will go "cyber shopping" at the Web site called El Corte Inglés. Your task is to find gifts for three friends and/or family members. As you will see, the Web site advertises many items, from sports accessories to books to compact discs.

    First, decide which three people you are going to shop for. You have a budget, so you'll have to be selective about what you choose to buy. You have a total of 13,500 pesetas to buy gifts for the three people.

    Use this currency converter to find out the exchange rate from U.S. dollars to Spanish pesetas. Select "Spanish Peseta" from the second list and click on the button entitled Convert Now!.

    Are you ready to go shopping? When you arrive at the El Corte Inglés Web site, look for a list of shopping categories: Crear Hogar, Libros, etc. Click on a category to see the list of items offered with pictures and prices.

  2. As you find gifts for each person, enter the information in the following table. In the first column, indicate who the person is (e.g., mi padre, mi amigo John). In the second, type the name of the gift (regalo) that you have decided on for that person. Finally, enter the price of the item in the last column. Calculate the total to make sure that you have not gone over your limit of 13,500 pesetas.

    Persona Regalo Precio

  3. Find a partner and ask what he or she has decided to buy, who the items are for and how much each item costs. Have you chosen similar gifts? You may follow the model below:


    Estudiante A: ¿Qué piensas comprar?

    Estudiante B: Voy a comprar un disco compacto de Enrique Iglesias.

    Estudiante A: ¿Para quién es?

    Estudiante B: Es para mi hermano Tim.

    Estudiante A: ¿Qué precio tiene?

    Estudiante B: Cuesta 3450 pesetas.