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Segundo NivelLeccion Preliminar A

La familia real de España

Among the topics that you have been reviewing in this chapter is the family. Let's continue the review by visiting the Web site of the Spanish royal family.

  1. The Web site you are about to visit is called Casa de Su Majestad el Rey de España (House of His Majesty The King of Spain). It contains information on the Spanish royal family, where they live, and some history behind the family. In this activity, you will be focusing on the family tree.

    When you arrive at the main page, click on La Familia Real, then Árbol genealógico de La Familia Real to view the family tree of the Spanish monarchy.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the family tree page and look closely at the last two rows. Answer the following questions to express the correct family relationships based on the tree.

    La esposa de Juan Carlos se llama .

    La madre de Juan Carlos se llama .

    El hermano de Elena se llama .

    La madre de Felipe se llama .

    Margarita es de Juan Carlos.

    Margarita es de Cristina.

    Jaime de Marichalar es de Elena.

  3. Now let's compare the Spanish royal family with your own family. Answer the following questions by checking the appropriate box:

    La familia real de España Mi familia
    ¿Qué familia tiene más hijas?
    ¿Qué familia tiene más hijos?
    ¿Qué familia tiene más tías?
    ¿Qué familia tiene más tíos?